Middle School

A special phase of school life begins when North Delta students reach Middle School, which includes grades 6-8. At this point, children begin to move through a seven-period rotation (and get their own lockers!). Because ND’s Middle School is departmentalized, our teachers can focus on their special areas of training and experience.

Each Middle School student takes courses in math, English, reading, social studies, and science. Students in the sixth grade receive training through a rotation of activities including weekly classes in Bible, art, physical education, library, and computer. Students in the eighth grade begin moving into either honors (four year college) or regular (community college) tracks, based on grades, standardized test scores, parental input, and personal goals.

2017-2018 Middle School Student of the Month

This year the North Delta Middle School Department has established this award to recognize student achievement in the following areas: loving, kindness, trustworthiness, loyalty, dependability, good citizenship, a love of school, God and country.

   September - 6th Grade                          September - 7th Grade                       September - 8th Grade

 Sept 7th Sophie Williams and Judd Stoddard.jpg                                           

 Maggie Henry and Matt Johnson           Sophie Williams and Judd Stoddard      Hunter Richardson and Sarah Grace Wolfe

         October - 6th Grade                              October 7th Grade                            October 8th Grade

   October 8th Sadie Gray and Austin Taylor.jpg

    Ellie Donaldson and Luke West           Preston Pitcock and Millie Williams          Sadie Gray and Austin Taylor

   November - 6th Grade                             November 7th Grade                        November 8th Grade

 Emma Nichoplos and JOhn Riley Taylor Nov 6th grade.JPG Levi Gee and Kayci Tullos Nov 7th Grade.JPG Landen Austin and Libby Miller Nov 8th grade.JPG

Emma Nichopoulos and John Riley Taylor       Levi Gee and Kayci Tullos            Landen Austin and Libby Miller

  December - 6th Grade                             December 7th Grade                           December 8th Grade

 Ford Thomas and Kylie Dungan dec 6th grade.JPG Ben Fly and Betsy Wolfe  Dec 7th grade.JPG Sonni Smith and Atkins Elliott Dec 8th grade.JPG

Ford Thomas and Kylie Dungan                 Ben Fly and Betsy Wolfe                      Atkins Elliott and Sonni Smith

North Delta Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to the following students who won the North Delta Spelling Bee: Zack Sanders, Avery Jenkins, Millie Williams, Ivy Gibson and Owens Johnson. They will advance to the District Spelling Bee on November 14.

2017 Duke University TIP Students

Congratulations to the following 7th graders who qualified to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program or TIP: Millie Williams, Ryan Hobson, Kayci Tullos, Levi Gee and Sophie Williams. Not pictured is Judd Stoddard. By qualifying for TIP they are eligible to take the ACT as 7th graders.

MAIS District 1 East Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the MAIS District I East Spelling Bee who will advance to State in January:

4th grade - Zach Sanders 2nd Place; 6th grade - Ivy Gibson 1st Place; 7th grade - Millie Williams 2nd Place; 8th grade - Avery Jenkins