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Student Handbook

To Parents and Students:

Welcome back students and parents. And, if you are new to the North Delta School family, we especially welcome you to a great school! I anticipate us having a very successful school year, and it is the goal of the faculty that this school will be used by our Heavenly Father to prepare students for college success and for success in life.

When hundreds of people live and work together on one campus, rules and procedures are necessary to create an organized, nurturing learning environment and to avoid confusion. Our school handbook lists North Delta’s rules and procedures very systematically, and one copy of this handbook is provided to students at the beginning of each school year. It is profitable for students and parents to be familiar with the information in our handbook and to keep it handy throughout the school year as a reference for answering questions regarding your school. All questions that arise cannot be answered in this handbook; therefore, students and parents are also urged to keep in touch with teachers and school officials concerning all aspects of school life.

North Delta offers students many opportunities for growth. Make the most of these opportunities day by day, and you will be rewarded by the deep satisfaction that comes from personal growth — both intellectually and spiritually.

With the hope that this handbook will help to promote fairness, loyalty, and a genuine spirit of understanding, it is sincerely dedicated to the youth of the North Delta School community.


John Howell Jr.


NOTE: The Handbook will be reviewed annually. Suggestions and comments are welcomed and encouraged.