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Introduction from the Headmaster

General Information

Student Handbook

I. General Information


North Delta School is a private, non-profit, non-denominational school of academic excellence for preschool through grade 12 (K3-12). The school is accredited by the Mississippi Private School Association. Its purpose is to develop to the fullest extent possible the talents and potential of its students so that they may be useful, productive citizens in their communities and our nation. Christian principles form the foundation of North Delta’s moral fiber. Very high standards in both academic and extracurricular activities are maintained to prepare students for college level work. This is the major focus of the academic curriculum at North Delta School. Student achievement is limited only by individual ability, motivation, and dedication. Parental involvement in all aspects of the child’s education is essential if we are to reach our goals.


Every day you live you are making a record. You should ever be conscious that this record becomes synonymous with your name. The working world has learned through experience that a complete school record of your scholarship, activity, and citizenship gives valuable information in evaluating your ability and fitness to do certain jobs. Your school record is a link in your life that will be examined many times through the years by those concerned about you and your future. Remember that your record is what you make it. Make yours one that you will be proud to claim.


North Delta School exists to provide its students with a college preparatory education in a Christian environment; and to complement the academic offerings with extracurricular activities that will enrich a student’s current life while contributing to their future as citizens of high moral character, ethics, and productivity.


To achieve our mission, North Delta School will provide challenging learning opportunities at a pace which motivates students desiring to achieve academically at their highest possible levels within a safe, Christian environment. To insure our mission remains viable and in step with our society, North Delta School will subject its educational programs to constant review and development, seeking to maintain a progressive program that properly meets the changing needs of a global society and its student population.


I. Intellectual Objectives

A. To provide a safe and stimulating environment for learning
B. To set high academic standards
C. To motivate each student to perform at his/her highest level to achieve academic excellence
D. To create the desire for a lifetime of learning
E. To foster constructive, critical, and creative thinking by individuals

II. Spiritual Objectives

A. To promote Biblical standards of ethics
B. To help students develop a sound standard of values
C. To help students in their daily walk with God through Jesus Christ
D. To encourage an understanding of various religious and cultural backgrounds

III. Social Objectives

A. To provide a continual effort to encourage students:
     1. To respect the rights and feelings of others
     2. To respect rules and property
B. To provide an atmosphere for developing and encouraging acceptable social behavior and manners
C. To provide opportunities for developing leadership
D. To encourage students to work together, share their ideas, and make decisions as a group
E. To develop an interest in community, state, national, and international affairs
F. To promote pride in school, community, and country and to help students recognize their responsibility to each of these groups
G. To promote good sportsmanship

IV. Emotional Objectives

A. To help students develop a positive, realistic self concept
B. To teach students to assume responsibility for their own actions
C. To encourage cooperation with and respect for authority
D. To work toward a supportive relationship among students, faculty, parents, and community
E. To assist the students to develop a sense of purpose and direction

V. Physical Objectives

A. To encourage proper respect for the body
B. To encourage interest and participation in physical activities
C. To understand the relationship between a healthy mind and a healthy body

Back to TopHISTORY

North Delta School, Inc., was organized in May 1987 from a merger of West Panola Academy and North Delta School. The WPA Green Wave and NDS Eagles began their educational services in the mid to late 1960s to provide an alternative educational experience to the existing school systems. The synergistic effect of each school’s strengths, personality, and patronage has led to an organization which has achieved new heights in student performance and growth.


North Delta School is a non-profit corporation operated under the supervision of a Board of Directors consisting of 12 members. This Board exercises all of the powers of the corporation, except those which are by law, the by-laws of North Delta, conferred upon or reserved to the members directly. Directors serve without remuneration. The School encourages all parents to familiarize themselves with school policies, to participate fully in the operation of the organization in accordance with these policies, to take an active interest in what is being taught, and to offer constructive advice whenever they feel such offering to be warranted. The Headmaster and staff are responsible for directing the daily activities in such a way that every student will have the opportunity to maximize his or her academic, aesthetic, and athletic capabilities. The policies of the Board of Directors, accrediting guidelines of the Mississippi Private School Association, and laws of the State of Mississippi form the foundation of all North Delta rules, regulations, and procedures.


An Open House (orientation) will be conducted to enable parents to meet their child’s teachers, be introduced to the curriculum, and tour the facilities. Announcements outlining the dates, times, and agenda will be sent home by the students or via the mail. This event will be evaluated each year to insure that it achieves its stated purpose.


An active Parents Club is vital to the present and future success of our school. All parents should insure that their participation in their child’s education is demonstrated by their active membership in the Parents Club. Periodic meetings are scheduled on the monthly calendar. Organization officers are elected annually at one of the spring meetings. The Parents Club sponsors several major events during the school year. Funds raised from these activities are used to support numerous school projects, such as library modernization, computer lab installation, campus beautification, and securing classroom resources. Parents Club officers also provide assistance and advice to the Administration on many issues involving current situations and future school direction.