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Student Handbook

V. Attendance

A student is required by Mississippi State Law to attend school each day unless a valid excuse is presented. Specifically, regular attendance is paramount to normal progression through the curriculum. Should excessive absences impact academic performance, parents will be contacted by a member of the faculty or the Headmaster.

In order to receive a perfect attendance certificate, a student must attend every school day the entire day the entire school year.


All students are required to be present 90 percent of class meetings for every course in each semester. A student missing a class more than 18 times within a full year's course or nine times within a semester course may not receive credit for the course missed regardless of the grade achieved. If this number is approached, the student and his parents will be informed and required to jointly confer with the Administration. A student must attend class for 30 minutes to be counted present. Four hours constitutes the minimum time for a school day. Each teacher is responsible for keeping accurate record of absences. Flexibility is required and each case will be dealt with on its own merit. School sponsored actions are not counted as an absence. No student will be admitted to class 30 minutes after the tardy bell rings. This will be an absence from that class and a tardy from school. They will remain in the office until the bell rings for the next class period. The student is responsible for getting assignments missed.

Excused absences are those due to illness of the student, serious illness or death in the immediate family, medical appointments, school sponsored events, and those that have been coordinated by the parents with the Administration at least two days prior to the absence(s). PARENTS -If your child or children will be absent from school, or tardy please call the office between 7:45 and 9 a.m. If the school does not hear from a parent, the office will attempt contact. If no contact is made, parents must send a note to school the first day the student returns. Note: An excused absence will be counted against Perfect Attendance eligibility, with the exceptions of school-sponsored events. Parents should also note that unexcused absences will affect a student's average (-2 on the nine-weeks average).



Absences not verified by a note or personal contact from parents will be considered as unexcused. Students have three days after an absence to clear up unexcused absences.

Unexcused absences - If an absence is deemed unexcused or unauthorized reason or failure of parents to talk with the office or send a note, the student will be suspended for approximately the same period of time as the unexcused absence(s). The consequence of the unexcused absence and the suspension will be the loss of two points off the nine-weeks grade of every class missed during the absence.

If a student is absent from school or class for any reason, one of the following types of excuses must be presented to the teacher (K3-4)and the office (5-12):

  1. a note or phone call from a parent or legal guardian stating the reason for the absence;
  2. medical doctor's note stating the reason for the absence.


Students who are checking out must turn in notes before 8:30 a.m.

Students may be excused or dismissed from school for activities that parents deem important enough for the child to miss classroom work. In all cases, to prearrange an excused absence or early dismissal during school days, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Parents should send a note stating the specific reasons for the absence or dismissal no later that 8:30 a.m. on the day such request is to take place.
  2. All notes must have a home or business phone number of a parent or legal guardian for verification by the school.
  3. The student should make arrangements with each teacher to complete the work that will be missed during the absence.
  4. Students leaving the campus prior to the end of school must sign out in the office.
  5. Parents who come to school to pick up a student should come to the office. The student/parent must sign out in the office before he/she leaves the campus.
  6. If a student returns to school before the end of the school day, he should sign in at the office.
  7. Students participating in athletic events that require early departure will be excused without a parental note. Siblings of these students are not excused without a parental note as described above.
  8. Parents and students are encouraged to arrange dental, doctor, and senior portrait appointments after school or on Saturday when possible.

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When a student is absent, he/she will be permitted to make up missed work. Scheduling such make-up work is the student's responsibility, not the teacher's, and will be arranged at the teacher's convenience. A student will be permitted a period of time equal to the duration of his absence in which to make up missed work, except that in the case of an absence of one day or less, any assignment due on the day of the absence will be due the next day. For extended absences (over a week) the teacher may allow additional time. A student who has missed a test during his/her absence must report to a test make-up session scheduled before school. The student will be responsibility for coordinating this make-up session with the teacher involved. A student who does not report to this make-up session will receive a zero on the test or tests to be made up. No student will be excused from this make-up session for extracurricular activities or appointments. Work missed near the end of the first or second semester must be made up in order for the student to receive credit or be removed.

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Student not in their classroom before the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy. Tardy students must report to the Headmaster or the designated administrator to obtain a tardy slip before entering class. The penalty for tardiness will be administered according to the following guidelines:

Sixth tardy in a semester – detention or corporal punishment*
Seventh tardy in a semester – detention or corporal punishment*
Eighth and subsequent tardies in a semester – In-School Suspension

* The corporal punishment option for the sixth and seventh tardies will be available only to students who are responsible
   for transporting themselves to school.

Students who accumulate six or more tardies in a semester will not be eligible for exemption from final exams.

Note: In the event of unusual circumstances that result in a student receiving a tardy, a parent may request of the Headmaster that a tardy incident be excused. The request must be made in writing.