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Introduction from the Headmaster


Student Handbook

VI. Athletic Policies


1. Athletic Eligibility for Current Students:

A currently enrolled student must pass four major subjects and meet Mississippi Private School Association rules for eligibility to be permitted to play interscholastic sports at North Delta School.

2. Athletic Eligibility for Transfer Students:

In order for a student to be eligible to participate in athletics, including practices and use of facilities, a student must:

  • Be a legitimate candidate for admission to the school by
    • Participating in an interview (at which any past disciplinary issues can be addressed, if necessary)
    • Providing grades for the previous two school years
    • Providing results of achievement tests from previous school
    • Having credits tabulated and a class schedule created
    • Becoming an admitted student
  • Pass a drug test


The following rules, which will be monitored by the school's Athletic Director, govern a student-athlete's preserving his or her eligibility during an ongoing school year:

A student must pass four major subjects. No athlete, cheerleader, manager, student statistician, or film crew member will be allowed to participate in any sporting event if he/she fails two or more subjects. The checkpoint dates for determining "current year" eligibility include:

- 1st nine weeks' progress report
- 1st nine weeks' report card
- 2nd nine weeks' progress report
- Semester report card
- 3rd nine weeks progress report
- 3rd nine weeks' report card
- 4th nine weeks' progress report

At each checkpoint and with each probation and suspension handed out, the Athletic Director will notify all members of the coaching staff. Student-athletes will receive a written statement alerting the student-athlete of his or her probationary or suspended status, and a copy of this letter will be sent to his/her parents.

  1. Conduct – A student will lose eligibility for two (2) consecutive weeks if he/she is given detention more than three times in any nine-week grading period. More severe consequences regarding athletic eligibility will be administered if unacceptable behavior persists.
  2. A student must attend school for at least four periods to be eligible to participate in any activity on that day. A student unexcused from school Friday will not be allowed to participate on Saturday.
  3. A physical examination by a physician, a signed parent consent form, proof of insurance, and an emergency locator card are also required.


Length of practices is generally less than two and one-half hours and may be conducted only when the school- appointed coach is present. Athletes are expected to attend all regularly scheduled practices. Absences must be excused, just as in the case of class absences. When academic and athletic obligations conflict, the teacher, coach, Athletic Director, and/or Administration should be consulted. A student will not be permitted to practice if they were absent from school that day.


Schedules for all sports shall be made in collaboration with the head coach of each sport, the Athletic Director, and the Headmaster. Every effort should be made to reduce the number of missed classes due to early departures for activities. Once a team's schedule has been submitted and approved, there will be no other contests added or changed unless bad weather requires rescheduling. Contests will be limited to two per school week, except during district or state tournaments, and competition during examinations time will be carefully regulated. NOTE: A student may leave school early only once per sport per week.


Athletes traveling on team trips continue to be under the jurisdiction of North Delta if they depart directly from the school for that event. All school rules remain in effect, and the athletes are directly accountable to the school coach who is responsible for them. All athletes making trips with their team will be expected to return with the team on the bus unless an athlete's parents speak directly to the coach and request permission for the student to return home with them. This privilege will usually be granted. The student driver of a vehicle departing from the school and transporting students to school events, must be approved by the Administration and have parental permission. A student driving a vehicle departing during normal school hours and transporting other students must be at least 17 years of age. Student riders must have their parent's permission to depart school with a student driver.


  1. Coordination of the use of the gym is the Athletic Director's responsibility. Request for keys, dates, etc., must be approved by the Athletic Director.
  2. No one will be allowed to practice or play at any time without proper coaching/adult supervision.
  3. Keys will not be given to students.
  4. Locker rooms are to be locked at all times when not in use.
  5. Tennis shoes only will be allowed on the playing surface.
  6. Clothes or items left on the floor or in the locker room will be discarded.
  7. All equipment should be properly stored after use.
  8. No food or beverage will be allowed in the gym during school hours.
  9. Horseplay of any kind will not be tolerated.
  10. Spectators should walk outside the black painted line on the gym floor.


The North Delta Booster Club is organized as a support group for the various athletic programs. Its purpose is to promote the athletic programs both monetarily and physically, thus enabling the coaches to do more for the teams than the budget may allow. Booster Club officers also provide advice and counsel to the Headmaster in areas related to athletic events. The Booster Club meets periodically and is scheduled on the monthly calendar. Organization officers are elected annually at one of the spring meetings. The Booster Club and school Administration will normally coordinate activities prior to implementation.


Poor sportsmanship by any coach, player, or spectator cannot be tolerated and will undermine North Delta's good relationship with the Mississippi Private School Association and the teams with whom we compete. Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and any example of unsportsmanlike conduct during a contest is unacceptable. This expectation also extends to spectators, who in the heat of an exciting contest, may react in an un-sportsmanlike manner. Such behavior can lead to (serious) punitive action against North Delta by the MPSA.

Parents and spectators must understand that their behavior serves as a role model for our students; if we want them to be of strong character, we must demonstrate that type of principled behavior. To do anything less will not be accepted at North Delta School and will not be tolerated.