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Introduction from the Headmaster


Student Handbook

VIII. Emergency Information


If a student sustains an injury, he should report immediately to his teacher. Each and every accident must be reported to the office by the student or by the teacher in charge of the student at the time of the accident, and a written report must be filed. Students having to go to a doctor for treatment of any accident covered by school insurance should notify school officials. The school will not accept any liability for medical bills due to an accident. The school urges parents to have good insurance coverage on their children or to purchase regular school insurance. All athletes (boys and qirls) and cheerleaders must be insured.


At the beginning of each school year parents will complete emergency information forms on each student. These forms will be kept on file and will contain lists of emergency phone numbers, allergies, other medical problems, and medications which may be administered to the student. All medications for students in 1-4 must be kept and dispensed by the elementary personnel; medications for students in 5-12 will be kept in the main office.


Emergency drills for fire, earthquake, and tornado are held at irregular intervals throughout the school year.

  1. Fire.
    The signal for a fire drill is one loud, continuous sound of the buzzer.
    Instructions indicating how to exit the building are posted in each classroom. Students should move quickly and quietly to the designated area.
  2. Earthquake.
    In the event of an earthquake, students are instructed to remain calm. If outdoors, they should remain outdoors away From electrical wires, poles, or anything else that might fall. Students who are in the classroom should drop to the floor, take cover under a desk or table, and hold this position. Students should stay away From windows and outside doors.
  3. Tornado.
    The signal for a tornado drill is a series of short rings by the bell. All students will take cover against corridor walls, cover their heads, and pull up their knees. A bell will ring when the drill is over.


On days when snow, ice, or other inclement weather precludes school operation, announcements will be made over local radio stations and network television stations. (WBLE-Batesville @ 100.5 & 106.9; Memphis TV, Ch 3 & 5: Oxford radio). Also, please check the school web site for information.