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Introduction from the Headmaster


Student Handbook

IX. Elementary School Information


I. Subjects

The following subjects will be evaluated: English (Language), Reading, Process Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The "activities" will not be evaluated: Art, Bible, Computer, Library, and P.E.

II. Testing

A variety of tests will be used regularly to determine the level of proficiency achieved. Unit and chapter tests are permissible however, no final exams will be given to students in Elementary School.

When tests are missed due to absences, the teacher will determine the time for the completion of the work. No tests should be administered during any instructional period.


An "Elementary Awards Day" will be held each year to honor the students who have exceptional achievement in the areas of academics, art, and attendance

The criteria for fourth grade academic honors are as follows:

Headmaster's List: Each grade on the report card is an "A" and no conduct grade is below a "B".

High Honor Roll: All yearly averages are 93 or above and no yearly average in conduct is below a "B".

Honor Roll: Students who have made the Honor Roll each grading period by having all A's and B's will receive the Honor Roll Certification or whose yearly average are all A's and B's.

The criteria for attendance awards are the following:

Perfect Attendance: The student must have been present in the classroom each day for the entire school day (8 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.). Students who are tardy or who leave the classroom early for any reason are ineligible for this award.

Special Recognition for Attendance: The student may have a cumulative absence of no more than one-half the school day.

Please note that students may lose eligibility for all awards should their behavior be deemed unacceptable by the teachers and administration. Written notification will be provided the parents in event this should occur.

Other awards to be presented are for Art, Accelerated Reader, Mother's Day Essays, Spelling Bees, Motivation for Academic Performance, and academic competitions approved by the faculty and administration.


I. Parties

  1. The homeroom teachers and the administration must approve any parties given on the campus. Parents are asked to defray the costs of the two non-academic parties (Christmas and Easter). The homeroom chairman in each homeroom will coordinate the planning with the teacher and the parents. Consideration will be given to the expense so that no family will be asked to contribute more than $15.00 for a single event. Parents will choose one of the two events to help sponsor. The Christmas party is on the last half-day of the first semester and the Easter party is given the afternoon of the last day of school prior to the Easter Holidays. (No class may leave the campus before 11:45.)
  2. Grades should function as a single unit for the Easter party as well as for all other events--with the exception of Christmas, unless accommodations on the campus permit the combination of sections.
  3. Theme parties planned by the teachers as culminating activities must be approved by the administration and must be scheduled two weeks in advance. Only parents who volunteer sponsorship of these classroom events will be asked to assist in any way.
  4. Birthday parties for students or teachers at school must have prior approval of the Elementary Principal and may occur only during lunch, recess, or break. The simplest of refreshments are to be served and no class time should be involved.
  5. Parties given for students at North Delta but not included in the text above are not the responsibility of the school personnel. Such invitations must not be distributed at school unless every student in the class is invited. Students attending these parties must have written permission from their parents should they be departing the campus with a different ride.

II. Field Day

The Mississippi Lung Association sponsors the "Superkids" program as a fund-raising project. North Delta students are rewarded with various prizes including a field-day event conducted by a representative of the Association. Teachers and parents assist with the games and the judging of the events. A portion of the funds raised will be returned to the school

III. Grandparents Day

If the school calendar permits, the grandparents of the students are invited to the campus for an afternoon. The guests visit the classrooms, tour the campus, and enjoy refreshments provided by the homeroom mothers. If donations are forthcoming, these benefit the elementary library focusing on the Accelerated Reader program.

IV. D.A.R.E.

The Batesville Police Department conducts the D.A.R.E. program for the second graders and fifth graders during the second semester of each school year. A "graduation" event is held in May.