A Letter from the Headmaster

North Delta’s elementary school teachers give students in K3 through fifth grade the sound foundation needed to become successful, motivated and independent middle school and high school students. The middle school offers core subjects as well as an honors track, which enable each student to become well-rounded individuals. This, however, is only the beginning!

North Delta is so much more than an educational facility where students learn the required course work. It is a warm and caring “family” where the administrators, teachers, and staff nurture each child’s growth. It is a place where academics and high behavioral standards are upheld as priorities for which students and teachers strive. It is a place where students are encouraged to work hard, to compete in a healthy way, to care for others when they are down, to pray together and work for each other, and to practice the attributes of good citizens.

Those of us who work at North Delta knew from our first day on the job that this is a place that cannot be defined within the simple meaning of the word “school.” We are more than a school her at North Delta: We are members of a family, and as in every good family, our children are our precious treasures, our gifts from God.

As an integral part of the Panola County community and the surrounding areas, we remain true to the school’s mission statement, “North Delta School exists to provide its students with a college preparatory education in a Christian environment; and to complement the academic offerings with extracurricular activities that will enrich a student’s current life while contributing to their future as citizens of high moral character, ethics, and productivity.” We invite you to become a member of this family. Welcome to North Delta!

Go Wave!

 Tommy C. Gunn