Prospective Students

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Admission to North Delta School, its program, classes, and activities, is based on the applicant's ability to complete the course work successfully. North Delta welcomes the application of students of any race, religion, sex, color, and/or national origin and does not discriminate in its admissions practices.

Admissions/New Student Enrollment

K5 and first grade

All entering K5 and first grade students may be given a readiness test if deemed necessary by the administration. The results of this test will be used to determine admissions. Mississippi State law requires that in order for a child to enter kindergarten, the child must be five by September 1. A child must be six by September 1 to enter the first grade.

Grade 2-12

  1. Provide grades for the previous two school years.
  2. Provide results of achievement tests from previous school.
  3. Attend at least one semester before the semester of graduation to be eligible to receive a diploma.
    After these tests have been evaluated by the admissions committee, a recommendation will be made to accept the student, reject the student, or accept upon condition.
  4. May not be age 20 or older at date of expected graduation.


A re-enrollment period will be established by the Board of Directors during late winter or early spring of each school year. Parents of students who will be returning to NDS the next school year will be guaranteed a classroom space ONLY during this re-enrollment period. Parents will be sent appropriate re-enrollment forms and tuition fee schedules prior to this registration period. Re-enrollment is achieved only when forms are completed in full and all enrollment fees are paid. Upon expiration of this period, new students will be assigned remaining classroom spaces in accordance with the date of their application.

Minority Scholarship

The North Delta School Board of Directors has set up a minority scholarship program. This scholarship will be made on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. The recipient of the minority scholarship will be selected by a scholarship committee. The criteria used in selecting the recipient are achievement test scores, present high school average, character, family income, and letters of recommendation. Interested parties should contact the Administration for appropriate application forms.

Priority Admission

When classroom vacancies exist, first preference is given to brothers and sisters of students attending North Delta, NDS alumni, and/or children of the faculty. Special consideration also will be given to those students who do not progress as they should or for unusual circumstances must repeat a grade. All applications will be considered in order received and priorities will be exercised by application and payment of the required fees. Final approval of all applicants will be made by the Administration or Board of Directors.

Class Size

Class size normally will not exceed 25 students per class in grades 1-12. Kindergarten enrollment will be guided by a student to teacher ratio of 12: 1. Exceptions to this guideline must be granted by the Board of Directors.

Health Records

The State of Mississippi has mandated that students attending school or kindergarten must be vaccinated. The minimum number of immunizations required are:

Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus 5
Polio 4
Measles, Mumps, Rubella 2
Hepatitis B 3
Varicella (chicken pox) 1

All kindergarten students, first graders, and transfer students must have a complete and up-to-date health record on file in the school office. The State of Mississippi requires that this record show proof of age by means of a birth certificate or birth certificate number, all required immunizations, and a physical examination by a physician. Children will not be considered accepted as students until these requirements are met.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, determined by the Board of Directors, is set annually. Payment plans are outlined in the tuition fee schedule and are coordinated through the school's Director of Finance. Accounts that become problematic or fall into arrears could result in a student's dismissal from school. Details about rules governing payment of tuition and other school fees are on file with the Director of Finance.